About Us

We are Tom Fyfe

E-commerce professionals meet knitwear experts

TomFyfe combines the best of Franconia's different worlds: A family company from Leutershausen, which has over 100 years of experience in the field of yarn finishing, meets passionate e-commerce experts from Bamberg. Together we have made it our mission to manufacture and sell clothing made of merino wool since 2021. Exactly the right clothing for your adventure!

Whether climbing, hiking or skiing - we are enthusiastic outdoor fans ourselves and know how important the right clothing is.

But even in everyday life you are simply well dressed with our products made of 100 percent merino wool.

TomFyfe - sportswear with tradition

The highest mountain in New Zealand is Mount Cook. And that's where our wool comes from! Among the first to climb Mount Cook was Tom Fyfe - our company's namesake. When he climbed the 3700 meter high mountain more than 100 years ago, functional clothing made of synthetic fibers did not yet exist. Instead, people wore clothing made of wool, which was valued for its excellent properties even then. With our clothing made of merino wool, athletes can still achieve top performance today - whether in the New Zealand or the German Alps. And of course here in the wonderful Franconian Switzerland, our second living room!

Merino wool for every situation

Merino wool is an all-rounder. It warms when it's cold and cools when it's hot. Thanks to its fine fibers, the wool does not scratch, and its low weight makes it the perfect jogging companion. The natural product easily withstands sweaty activities: Our clothing can absorb moisture without feeling damp. You don't have to worry about unpleasant odors because the wool is antibacterial. This allows outdoor fans to concentrate fully on their next adventure.

From sheepskin to t-shirts - without detours

Like our name, our wool comes from New Zealand and is mulesing-free (more information about the controversial practice can be found here . From there the wool takes the direct route to Europe, where it is refined and finally made into our T-shirts, socks and hats using modern knitting techniques Unlike many cheaply produced woolen clothes, TomFyfe products do not warp after washing and can last forever if cared for properly.


We are constantly out and about in nature and therefore want to contribute to preserving its beauty. Many cheaply produced merino products take a detour via Asia. There the wool is processed before it comes to Europe. Thanks to direct transport routes to our European production sites, we save on CO2 emissions. Our packaging is also as sustainable as possible: wherever we can, we avoid plastic or use recycled materials. Because we love nature!

By the way: Merino wool is self-cleaning to a certain extent. After wearing it, it is often enough to air our clothes well instead of washing them. This extends their shelf life and saves water and electricity!