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To obtain the valuable wool from Merino sheep, they have to be sheared like all other sheeps. This involves shearing a piece of wool fleece, which can weigh between two and four kilos. Shearing usually takes place in spring, which produces stronger and longer fibers and increases the quality of the wool.

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The wool comes from the sheep, and in particular from the Merino sheep. Originally from North Africa, they are one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world. In the High Middle Ages, they were brought to Spain, where the highly coveted wool was so popular that it immediately became of great economic importance.

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Mulesing, a controversial method in sheep farming, involves cutting skin
around a lamb's anus and genital region to prevent infestation by the
Sheep Blowfly. This practice is prevalent in Australia and New Zealand,
where it aims to protect sheep from potentially fatal infections caused
by fly maggots. The procedure, though effective, is criticized for its
painful nature, leading to a push for mulesing-free alternatives.
Mulesing-free merino wool, while more expensive, aligns with ethically improving
sheep welfare and eliminating the distress caused by this surgical

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"Made in Europe" is back in fashion because the demand for fair, transparent and ecologically manufactured textiles and shoes is growing. Textile production is increasingly being relocated to industrialized countries and thus closer to consumers, not only because of the debate about safety, environmental and social standards in Asian textile factories, but also because of increasing quality requirements.

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Starting with the product itself, it is of course its packaging. Not only this, but also the shipping packaging should be made of recycled material. This means that the material is recyclable and consists of already used materials. Avoiding plastic is very important here. In addition to the product itself, the delivery also plays a major role in the significance of sustainability. For example, Tom Fyfe uses DHL's GoGreen initiative to transport the delivery in a CO2-neutral manner.

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