Mann und Frau tragen Merino T-Shirts von Tom Fyfe im Gebirge

Areas of application of merino wool


Wool is great for keeping warm on cold days. But is it also practical for sports? A very definitive yes. Merino wool is suitable for all outdoor activities, whether it's an early morning jog or a summer bike ride. Merino fiber has unique properties that make it a truly miracle material.

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Merino wool is ideal for summer due to its fiber structure. Its breathable properties make it the go-to garment in any season, as the fibers absorb moisture such as sweat in summer and wick it away to the outside. This means that the body is always perfectly air-conditioned!

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Functional underwear is suitable for all seasons. While it insulates against the cold in summer, it provides soothing warmth in winter. It is also highly breathable and odor resistant.

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Being perfectly prepared for any weather condition? This is easily possible with the onion principle. Instead of wearing a thick jacket to brave the cold, you wear several layers of clothing on top of each other. Here we reveal what is behind the onion principle and what there is to know about it.

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Functional underwear made from merino can be used for all kinds of physical activities, regardless of the duration and intensity of the training session. It doesn't matter whether it's a gym workout or a multi-day hiking trip. Functional underwear is just as comfortable to wear for short sports sessions, such as light jogging in the morning, as it is for more intense workouts.

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Frau greift mit ihrer Hand das Tom Fyfe Merino T-Shirt und zieht am Stoff

Properties of merino wool

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Nahaufnahme vom Merino T-Shirt in Marine von Tom Fyfe

Production of merino wool

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Mann mit Merino T-Shirts von Tom Fyfe sitzt am Wasser auf einem Stein

Frequently asked questions about merino wool

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