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Frequently asked questions about merino wool


Airing it out in damp weather is often enough to transport odors, which inherently have a hard time on the scaly surface of merino wool, with the water vapor in the air.

Our garments are machine washable. It is best to use a wool wash cycle or a gentle wash program at 40° C with the lowest possible speed. If there is no wool wash cycle, then a cold wash or delicate wash program will also work.

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Like other sheep, Merino sheep are not only kept for the production of wool, but also for the production of meat. The fur of the animal remains as a by-product.

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This is the manufacturer's commercial description of the weight of the fabric used in grams per square meter and has nothing to do with the actual weight of the finished item. The following applies: the higher the number, the heavier and thicker the merino fabric.

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Normal underwear should not be worn under merino underwear, otherwise the positive properties of the wool are not used.

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When we think of functional underwear, we have high expectations. It should protect us from cold and overheating, be breathable, quick-drying and give us a pleasant body feeling in all sporting activities. Which material best meets these requirements? Merino or synthetic fiber?

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Especially when it comes to outdoor clothing, there are many items that are advertised as breathable. Everything from socks to hats can be labeled as breathable. But what does breathable actually mean? What stands behind the term?

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