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Merino socks

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      Merino hiking socks unisex
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      Why buy merino socks from Tom Fyfe?

      At Tom Fyfe, we prioritize sustainability, proudly holding the OEKO-TEX® certification. Our commitment extends to producing merino socks and all our products in an environmentally friendly manner, right here in Europe. This not only aligns with our ethical responsibilities but also ensures quicker production and delivery. As part of our dedication to customers and the planet, we provide personalized consultations and deliver Tom Fyfe's products through climate-neutral shipping, minimizing packaging waste while offering functionality and quality at a fair price.

      Why merino socks?

      Merino wool socks offer many advantages. Compared to other wool types, merino wool feels extremely soft on the skin without causing irritation or a scratchy feeling. Beyond this, they provide insulation against both cold and heat, effectively transport moisture, and maintain their shape even when worn frequently. The merino socks can cool down due to evaporation, but they can also warm up when wet. Not to mention that merino wool is also odour-resistant. Thanks to its scaly surface, sweat and bacteria cannot stick to the fibre's surface, leaving you with socks that don't smell, femein fresh longer and require less frequent washing. Nevertheless, merino offers natural sun protection and best of all, it is biodegradable. 

      These properties come in handy for all kinds of sports, including long runs and hikes. Our merino socks combine maximum functionality and comfort, making them the perfect choice for everyday use, leisure activities and even during your professional sports training.

      How do you wash wool socks properly?

      Proper care ensures longevity. Always follow the manufacturer's washing instructions. If no exact information is given, hand washing is the best option in case of doubt. Add mild wool detergent to lukewarm water (approx. 30°) and soak the merino socks for 10-15 minutes. Rinse carefully with lukewarm and then cold water, avoiding excessive wringing - just a light squeeze and leaving them to dry is all it takes.

      If the manufacturer has indicated machine washing as a possible option, the merino socks should be washed in a wool wash cycle or in a delicate wash cycle at 40° with the lowest possible wash cycle speed. If there is no specific wool programme, a cold or delicate wash cycle can also be used. Make sure to avoid the use of bleach or fabric softeners or any detergents that may contain them.

      How and how often should Merino wool socks be washed?

      Merino wool behaves differently from regular wool, requiring less frequent washing due to its self-cleaning properties. Simply letting the garments air out in humid weather for a fresh feel is often all it takes. The water vapour in the air transports dirt particles and bad odours away, creating the self-cleaning effect of merino wool.

      When it comes to washing merino wool stick as much as possible to hand-wash. The manufacturer's washing instructions should be followed carefully in any case. o protect the merino wool garments, turn them inside out and soak them in lukewarm water for approx. 5-15 minutes. Use a bleach-free wool detergent (10 ml per 5 l of water). Wash the garments first with lukewarm and then with cold water. Under no circumstances should merino wool garments be wringed, squeezed or rubbed. For drying, a gentle spin at low temperatures is sufficient, as long as this is indicated on the label. Alternatively, just let it dry itself, but keep the merino wool away from heaters or direct sunlight, otherwise it will become hard and scratchy.

      Benefits of Merino wool socks:

      • Keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer
      • Prevent socks from getting wet, keeping your feet dry and warm
      • Damp merino wool socks dry quickly
      • Exceptionally soft and itch-free
      • Odor-resistant, even after multiple wears
      • Help prevent blisters on the feet