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      Why should you buy merino hats & accessories from Tom Fyfe?

      Tom Fyfe's merino wool hats & accessories are made with a more environmentally conscious approach, with shorter production and supply chains than other suppliers. What's more, it is very important to us at Tom Fyfe that you feel satisfied as a customer. That is the reason why we offer you personal advice on our products during our opening hours, even or especially if you have doubts over a product. We place great value to climate-neutral shipping and do not use unnecessary packaging. We are OEKO-TEX® certified and our goods are regularly checked for harmful substances. We want to offer you functional and high-quality merino hats and accessories at a reasonable price so that you can fully dedicate yourself to your adventure.

      The headband made of merino wool

      Adventure or everyday - your must-have

      A headband is a wonderful alternative to a hat. During your adventure, your ears are protected from the cold and the wind, your hair does not constantly fall into your face and sweat is instantly absorbed. The headband is an excellent everyday essential, quickly stowed in your pocket and just as quickly pulled out again. Worn over the forehead, it keeps you perfectly warm, whether you're hiking in the forest or skiing. Even in warm temperatures, a thin headband is practical for runners or cyclists as it keeps sweat away from the eyes and protects the ears from the wind.

      Which yarn for a headband? Natural or artificial fibers?

      Headbands come in all colors and sizes. Whether simple or trendy style, there is something for every taste. But what material should the headband be made of?

      Polyester is popular for outdoor activities. The synthetic fibre is easy to care for, durable, water-repellent and dries quickly. However, polyester is often not waterproof and windproof. Besides, it is less breathable and can cause irritation to the skin.

      Merino wool is the best choice for those who prefer natural fibers. The wool is breathable, warms when it's cold and insulates when it's hot. It is antibacterial, does not scratch and also protects against UV rays. You can find out what else the miracle merino wool can do HERE .

      A merino wool headband can be worn not only in the cold season but also during warmer weather, as merino wool draws the moisture produced by the body away from the skin. It's ideal for the time between seasons, when it's still quite cold outside in the mornings and evenings.

      How wide should a headband be?

      Of course, that depends primarily on your preferences. Especially stylish headbands for the winter are usually a bit wider, providing warmth and protecting the ears from the cold. Headbands for winter, whether everyday wear or winter sports, are equipped with a medium to thick padding. Made of synthetic fibers, wool or merino wool, they keep you perfectly warm.

      For hiking, cycling, jogging and other sport activities, narrow and elastic headbands are often much preferred, as they absorb the sweat on the forehead. There are other options that also protect the ears, but are less lined than the winter ones.

      In addition to a classic headband, a tube scarf can be the perfect match. It is thin and light and can not only be used as a headband, but also offers many other useful purposes as a multifunctional scarf. Here you can find our tube scarf.

      The snood

      What is a multifunctional scarf?

      A multifunctional scarf, loop scarf or tubular scarf is basically a scarf that has been sewn together at its ends. The scarf can be used in many ways, whether worn on the neck, head or arm. Depending on the weather conditions, it offers protection against sun, cold, mosquitoes, dirt and dust. Therefore, a multifunctional cloth must be in your luggage for every outdoor activity, whether hiking, skiing, cycling, climbing or fishing. You can wear the scarf around your neck as a classic scarf, hat, headband or face mask. It can be folded up quickly and easily and fits in any (trouser) pocket. You can also wrap the scarf around your wrist to help with heat equalization. To protect yourself against mosquitoes, you can wear the multifunctional scarf as a kind of balaclava and pull it over your nose. Annoying mosquitoes no longer stand a chance. A multifunctional scarf can be worn in so many different ways, from a mouth guard to a pirate scarf, making it truly one of a kind.

      How do I put on a loop scarf?

      A loop scarf is not only a fashion accessory, but also a very practical one that you can wear all year round. Just as versatile as its applications are its common names. Call it a loop, round, or tube scarf – the choice is yours! Especially in winter and during those transitional seasons, it keeps your neck cosily warm. In summer, the scarf is not only a trendy eye-catcher, it also supports you during your physical activities effortlessly balancing temperature and moisture - in other words, it's truly multifunctional. Adaptable to any style, our loop scarf is perfect for everyday wear. What makes it special is its unique shape - the two ends of the scarf are connected to each other in continuous circular loop. 

      Due to the closed shape, you don't have to knot the scarf so that it sits on your neck. A looped scarf can be simply pulled over the head and wrapped several times. The possibilities are endless, thanks to the scarf's length and width.

      Shorter loop scarves can only be pulled over the head. They are usually too short to wrap around the neck several times. As temperatures drop, our longer models become a wardrobe favorite, offering not only warmth for your neck but also versatile styling options. Pair them with a thick sweater for a cozy ensemble.

      And guess what? It doesn't have to be cold outside to wear a loop scarf, because it's the perfect everyday accessory that effortlessly elevates a simple jeans-and-top combo, adding that extra touch of style to your look.

      Discover the versatility of our loop scarves – where fashion meets functionality, all year round!

      The beanie made of merino wool

      What is a beanie?

      A beanie is a mostly tight-fitting piece of headgear that is very similar to a bobble hat, but without a bobble. The term beanie comes from the English and refers to "bean". What is meant by this is the head, the German counterpart would be “pear” or “turnip” as synonyms for our head. Historically, beanies were primarily worn by men. The headgear served purely practical purposes. The hat should prevent your hair from falling over your face while you work. They were also worn as sun protection with a kind of peak similar to a baseball cap and are therefore considered the forerunner of the beanie as we know it today.

      How do I wear a beanie?

      Best on top of your head, but there are no limits to your creativity. But jokes aside, from a fashion point of view, there are different ways to wear your beanie, no matter if you've got long, medium or short hair. From a sporty perspective, it doesn't matter how you style it - it's all about supporting you in your activities.

      Beanies are more than just hats; they're your go-to for keeping your head warm during the cold seasons. For everyday life, opt for a beanie with a simple style that complements your look without stealing the spotlight. And when it comes to sports, choose a thin, functional cap that sits comfortably, regulates moisture and heat, and fits effortlessly under a helmet - exactly like our Tom Fyfe Light Beanie.

      Curious about the best way to pair your beanie with your fabulous locks? Keep reading! If you've already picked your favorite color, why not dive straight into your next adventure?
      How about your hair?

      Long hair

      If you have long hair, it is advisable to buy a beanie hat without cuffs and wear it high on your forehead. The hair is left hanging out at the side and not stuffed completely under the hat. On the one hand, the face is beautifully framed and on the other hand, the hair insulates your neck. Hipster beanies and long beanies are particularly suitable for this.

      Medium length hair

      With medium-length or curly hair, thicker and larger hats can be worn very well. But thin beanies can also show off your face wonderfully. If you have curly hair, it is advisable to wear the hat higher on the forehead so that it does not look too uneven. Long or hipster beanies are also popular here, as the longer hat shape does not flatten the hair. The same applies here: Don't hide all your hair under the hat, but leave a little out and you will have a perfect appearance.

      Short hair

      Fitted beanies are much better than oversized ones. Anything too loose or bulky gives the impression of a hat that is far too big for a head that is far too small. All classic hats with a tight fit and no cuffs work perfectly and don't look like you're wearing a sack on your head.