Guarantee declaration

TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH, Rammersdorfer Straße 8, 91578 Leutershausen, is the owner of the registered Tom Fyfe brand. Our Tom Fyfe products are manufactured fairly and responsibly from high-quality materials in Europe. The shirts are made from 100% merino wool and not only offer outstanding comfort and exceptional functionality, but are also characterised by their longevity and durability. Although we have set strict quality criteria and carry out appropriate checks and tests, it cannot be ruled out that pilling may occur on your Tom Fyfe clothing. In the event that one of our products shows pilling, we offer the following manufacturer's guarantee under certain conditions:
TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH, Rammersdorfer Straße 8, 91578 Leutershausen, Germany, grants the consumer a time-limited guarantee in accordance with the following conditions and to the extent described below for the products it manufactures. This manufacturer's guarantee applies in addition to the mandatory statutory liability regulations, such as the Product Liability Act, in cases of intent, gross negligence or damage to life, limb or health by TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH or its vicarious agents. according to this manufacturer's guarantee, a consumer is defined as any natural person who owns the product and has not purchased it for resale or for commercial purposes.

Das beinhaltet unsere Garantie

TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH guarantees that your Tom Fyfe brand merino shirts will not pilling (anti-pilling guarantee). The guarantee period is 12 months from the date of purchase; older products are no longer covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. Within this manufacturer's guarantee, defects that are demonstrably attributable to a product fault will be rectified. The warranty conditions apply exclusively within the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union and apply to all shirts purchased from 01 June 2023 (date of purchase). Claims arising from product liability only exist in accordance with the statutory provisions. As part of the warranty, we offer free repairs for defects that are attributable to material faults within the warranty period. These defects will be rectified by replacing the product, if necessary with a successor model or a different colour from the original order. The faulty product must be sent back to us to determine the defect; a free return label will be provided for this purpose. The anti-pilling guarantee applies across all platforms in all sales channels in which you have purchased Tom Fyfe shirts directly from us. The claim must be reported directly to us by e-mail, regardless of the platform. Please note that in the event of damage, you must provide us with your order and/or invoice number and send us pictures in which the damage is recognisable. As soon as we have received the claim, we will contact you regarding the next steps. TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH reserves the right to make an alternative refund or partial refund of the purchase price. The services described here apply in addition to the statutory warranties and do not replace or limit them. Please note that this guarantee is a voluntary and non-legally binding service provided by TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH, which can be refused or terminated at any time without giving reasons.

Our guarantee does NOT include:

  • Purchase from third party suppliers: Purchases of Tom Fyfe products from third-party suppliers are not eligible for warranty service.
  • Gifted products: Products given as gifts as part of various promotions (e.g. Black Friday) are excluded from warranty service.
  • Goodwill services: There is no entitlement to warranty service for gifts and goodwill gestures towards the customer. A guarantee requires a mandatory purchase in which the customer has provided a service in return
  • If the product already has a defect upon delivery, in unworn condition, please inform us immediately upon receipt of the goods. We will then arrange for a replacement product to be dispatched.
  • Improper handling as the cause of pilling is not covered by the guarantee (e.g. mechanical impact from Velcro fasteners, zips)
  • Products older than 12 months: Products purchased more than 12 months ago are generally excluded from the guarantee.

This is how you assert your guarantee claim

To make a warranty claim, an informal email must be sent to Please write a brief description of where the pilling is located, send us meaningful pictures and let us know your order and/or invoice number. Upon receipt, we will inform you about the further complaint processing procedure. In the event of a warranty claim, delivery will be free of charge for you (Germany and EU). In the case of gifts, the guarantee can only be claimed if we have all the relevant purchase data and pictures (order number, name, dispatch address). This information is absolutely necessary and must be taken over exactly for the complaint.

Replacement of a replacement product

A claim for replacement for a product already replaced only exists if it is asserted within 12 months of the date of purchase. The warranty period applies from the date of purchase without further extension.

Note on the guarantee promise according to § 477 BGB (German Civil Code)

Irrespective of this manufacturer's warranty and irrespective of whether or not the prescribed warranty is utilised in the event of a warranty claim, the consumer's statutory warranty claims against the respective seller remain in full force and effect. The consumer may, at his own discretion, assert the statutory buyer's rights due to defects in the object of purchase, in particular subsequent fulfilment, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price or compensation (see § 437 BGB) as well as the corresponding separate limitation rules in § 438 BGB against the seller. This guarantee does not affect the mandatory statutory liability provisions.


The guarantee declaration does not grant any entitlement to compensation for any consequential damage or other claims for damages. This restriction does not apply to mandatory statutory provisions according to which the manufacturer is liable outside of this voluntary guarantee declaration.

Term of exclusion and limitation period

Claims under the guarantee must be made immediately, but no later than 2 months after becoming aware of a defect. After expiry of this period, the assertion of rights under the guarantee is excluded. Claims under the guarantee expire 12 months after the end of the guarantee period.