Wandern im Fluss im Gebirge mit Merino T-Shirts von Tom Fyfe

Merino crew neck t-shirts

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      Why should you choose Tom Fyfe for your Merino T-Shirt?

      Tom Fyfe Merino T-shirts are made with a more environmentally conscious approach, with shorter production and supply chains than other suppliers. We prioritize your comfort as a customer, providing personalized product guidance through our available phone support. Our commitment extends to climate neutral shipping practices and we avoid unnecessary packaging. Being OEKO-TEX® certified, our products undergo regular testing to ensure they meet strict standards for harmful substances. We are dedicated to offering you functional and premium-quality Merino Shirts at a reasonable price, allowing you to focus on your adventures. Your satisfaction and the well-being of our planet are at the heart of what we do at Tom Fyfe. Join us on this journey and experience Merino excellence like never before.

      Why Merino T-Shirts?

      Our Merino T-Shirts boast a luxurious feel against your skin, thanks to their fine wool fibers. The unique crimping and numerous air pockets in the wool contribute to excellent temperature regulation. This means the wool provides a cooling effect in warmer temperatures and keeps you warm in winter. Additionally, Merino T-Shirts, like most wool products, are remarkably wrinkle-resistant. They quickly regain their shape during wear. Merino T-Shirts also exhibit exceptional resistance to bacteria and odors, reducing the need for frequent washing. Simply hang them out to air after use, and they're ready to go for your next adventure, doubling as a reliable sport shirt.

      Which Wool for Summer?

      In the summer, rely on our Merino wool T-Shirts for the ultimate comfort. With their exceptional crimping and numerous air pockets, these shirts effectively regulate temperature, providing a cooling effect in warm weather. Ideal as sport shirts, they not only offer a delightful sensation against the skin but also stand out for their low maintenance. Merino shirts require washing only about once every 7 days, thanks to their easy-care nature. Simply air them out overnight, as Merino wool clothing resists odors and bacteria. Our Merino shirts for both men and women are perfect companions for any outdoor or sporting activity, ensuring a comfortable and carefree experience.

      How often do you have to wash merino wool t-shirts?

      Merino T-shirts are naturally able to absorb and release moisture from the surrounding air until a balanced moisture balance is established. Thanks to this so-called hygroscopicity , electrical charge is also dissipated to the environment and contamination with particles is greatly reduced. The roof tile -like flaky structure of the fiber and the high moisture absorption creates an environment in which bacteria, mold and microbes find poor survival conditions. T he special nature of the wool ensures that hardly any odors are absorbed. This means that the Merino T-shirts only have to be washed once every 7 days. Otherwise, airing it out overnight is sufficient, since the dirt particles and odors only remain on the surface of the wool fiber and do not penetrate into the interior of the fiber. So you can use your Merino T-shirt as a sports shirt several times a week before you put it in the wash.

      How should I wash my Merino Wool T-shirts?

      In domestic use, wool must be washed with wool detergent or mild detergent. Avoid using any optical brighteners and bleach or detergents that contain them. Opt for low spin speeds and preferably wash Merino clothing on wool program or delicate cycle. Following these washing instructions minimizes wool shrinkage, ensuring that the wool's scales responsible for Merino clothing's unique properties stay intact. Washing Merino shirts is similar to caring for garments made from conventional wool—it is not rocket science, but you will be able to enjoy your high-quality merino garments for much longer time.

      Advantages of Merino Wool T-shirts

      • Temperature-regulating textiles (against heat and cold)
      • Unique wearing experience, thanks to finely spun wool yarn
      • Natural protection against bacteria, mold and microbes
      • Minimal absorption of dirt or odors
      • Wrinkle-resistant
      • Resistant to flames and acid
      • No daily washing required (approximately once every 7 days), airing out is sufficient
      • Suitable for everyday wear, as a sport shirt and for all leisure activities