Merino Damen Langarmshirt Frontansicht von Tom Fyfe in Schwarz #farbe_schwarz
Frau macht Yoga im Park mit einem Merino-Langarmshirt #farbe_schwarz
Model trägt Merino-Longlseeve von Tom Fyfe beim Mountainbiking #farbe_schwarz
Ein Pärchen joggt durch die Stadt mit Shirts aus Merinowolle vom Tom Fyfe #farbe_schwarz
Women's merino wool long sleeve shirt
Women's merino wool long sleeve shirt
Model zeigt auf das Tom Fyfe-Logo eines Longsleeves aus Merinowolle
Frau sitzt im Park mit einem Langarmshirt aus Merinowlle von Tom Fyfe

Women's merino wool long sleeve shirt

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Women's merino wool long sleeve shirt Highlights
2-in-1: longsleeve & base layer
100% extra fine merino wool - mulesing free
Excellent temperature and moisture management
Enhanced comfort without pressure points
Machine wash up to 40°C

Merino wool makes your shirt special in a natural way.

  • Extremely breathable with natural moisture regulation
  • Provides warmth in cold temperatures and coolness in warm temperatures
  • Silky-soft wearing comfort without itching
  • Inhibits unpleasant odors
  • You can wear it more often between washes

That's what you get for.

  • Premium shirt for every style
  • Sustainable production - Made in Europe
  • High quality and durability
  • Machine washable
  • Easy-care and low-pilling
  • Tested for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100
  • Without annoying label in the neck
  • Specially developed yarn construction:
    • High shape retention, even after washing
    • Low degree of wear

      Can't get enough of Merino? We've got something special for you: our Women's Long Sleeve Merino Crew Neck Shirt performs just like its short-sleeved sibling and is made from 100% merino wool. This natural wonder-fabric is not only gentle on the skin but also excels in moisture regulation and durability. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and feel free to wear this Merino shirt even more frequently between washes. The straight fit offers both comfort and freedom of movement, making this Merino long sleeve your go-to for everyday wear, work, and travel. Embrace the unmatched performance and comfort of Merino in every aspect of your life!

      Fit: Slim fit that adapts to your body shape without restricting your freedom of movement. It is designed to be worn both as a classic T-shirt on top or as a first layer.
      Length: regular length
      Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
      Collar shape: round neck

      Raw material: 100% wool (merino wool)
      Fabric quality: single jersey
      Fabric thickness: 170 g/m² (grams per square meter)
      Merino fiber thickness: 19 µ (microns)

      Made of mulesing-free wool

      Turn the garment inside out and put it in the washing machine. Choose a wool or gentle cycle at 40 °C with the lowest possible speed. If your washing machine does not have a wool cycle, you can also use a cold or delicate cycle. We recommend using a wool detergent. Keep the spin speed low and don't use bleach.

      After washing, you can shake out the remaining water and let the garment air dry.

      Under no circumstances should your merino laundry be wrung out, kneaded or rubbed. Don't put them on the heater or in direct sunlight to dry.

      Useful tips for washing and caring for merino wool can be found here.

      We look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on +49 951 70057719 or at any time by email:

      Complete your outfit

      Model zeigt auf das Tom Fyfe-Logo eines Longsleeves aus Merinowolle
      The best of Merino wool

      That's why you will never want to give up your Women's merino wool long sleeve shirt again:

      Impressive quality
      Feel, comfort, durability - we leave nothing to chance.
      Superior, natural functions
      Our merino wool products are designed to provide you with a whole range of useful properties
      Anti-pilling guarantee

      The knitted wool fabric of our products is so fine that no pills will form.
      Timeless product design

      Simple, high-quality clothing with a focus on the essentials.
      Made in Europe
      Our products are only produced from certified partners in Europe.

      Our customers rate us “very good”


      What really surprises me is that the odour is gone after a day. There are no traces of sweat! How cool is that??? I'm so happy!


      Fast delivery, great quality, I can't imagine wearing any other T-shirts, they just feel so good.


      Compliments to the entire Tom Fyfe team and their courage to come to market.From now on I will only be ordering from you!


      Very fast shipping. And very lovely packaged. I liked it very much.


      High quality and great product - reliable service!

      Pilling-free surface

      Anti-pilling guarantee

      The formation of small balls or fluffs on the surface of textiles is called pilling. These unwanted lumps occur when threads and fibres detach from the surface of the textile.

      The fabric of our Women's merino wool long sleeve shirt is so fine and specially processed that we promise you an anti-pilling guarantee for a full 12 months from purchase. If you notice pilling during this time, we will replace your product completely free of charge.

      Wear more often, wash less. Good for you, the environment and your budget.

      Keeps freshness longer.

      The antibacterial and breathable properties of merino wool enable long-lasting freshness and therefore more frequent wearing of the products. Washing is not necessary after every use.

      Saves water, electricity and money.

      With 3 wash cycles per week, an average washing machine uses around 7,800 (!) liters of water and around 120 kWh of electricity per year. There are also detergents and other additives added to the bill. If you manage to wash your clothes only twice a week and wear them more often, you can reduce consumption by 33%, protect the environment and save money.

      More free time for you.

      Over the course of a whole year, we spend quite a lot of time washing, hanging up or folding and sorting laundry. The calculation is very simple (based on three washes per week): One less wash and you'll have a third more extra time for doing other things you enjoy.

      More durable.

      You probably know by now that a Tom Fyfe product lasts longer. Our clothing retains its shape and doesn't smell. Every time you don't put your shirt in the washing machine straight after wearing it, you automatically extend the life of your merino product and you'll have more of it for longer. Plus, your washing machine will last longer too.

      Your ecological footprint

      Merino wool is a natural fibre, so unlike functional clothing made from polyester, it does not release any harmful microplastics into the environment. Washing less often is an active contribution to environmental responsibility. Using less detergent also means less microplastics, reducing CO2 emissions and saving valuable resources.

      Fewer sweat stains - quicker drying

      Compared to functional shirts made from other materials, merino wool can absorb over 30 % of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. Thanks to the active moisture management of merino wool, moisture is constantly transferred to the outside, quickly drying even wet spots.

      Schwarz Weiß Bild Garnveredelung bei Tom Fyfe vor 100 Jahren
      Over 100 years of textile expertise

      This is Tom Fyfe

      We are a young, motivated team that has been around for over 100 years
      existing family businesses.
      All our experience and knowledge
      We put everything into the development of our clothing when it comes to textiles,
      to offer you a special Merino experience and the perfect product .
      You will notice this, among other things, because of the long shelf life, thanks to our specially developed products
      Yarn construction
      , or the particularly soft seams .


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